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For infants

During a vaginal delivery, the infant suffers from strong constraints in the mother's pelvis due to uterine contractions, but also because of friction on the walls of the vagina. A caesarean section may seem less traumatic for the infant, but the adrenaline rush and the stress generated have repercussions on the newborn's body.

You can come to consult for :

- prevention

- flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly

- regurgitation or reflux

- colic or gastric disorders

- difficulty breastfeeding, for example, poor sucking

- torticollis or head in preferential rotation

- repeated ENT infection

For pregnant women

During pregnancy, the woman's body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes. The weight constraints exerted on the pelvis can give in the long term lack of mobility as well as pains. If the pelvis is not mobile enough, it can hinder a successful vaginal delivery. The subject of my final dissertation was how to take care of a pregnant woman to optimize the delivery and decrease the requirement for caesarean sections, instrumentalisations (forceps, suction cup), and episiotomies.

You can consult for :

- prepare for your delivery

- body pain (muscular, articular, ligamentous, nervous, vascular ...)

- gastric disturbances (reflux, constipation, nausea, vomiting ...)

- sleeping troubles

For women after childbirth

Childbirth, whether vaginal or caesarean, is a traumatic act for the woman. The posture of the pregnant woman and the hormonal imprint remain present a long time after delivery and the osteopathy can accelerate the process of returning to fitness. You can consult for :

- prevention

- body pains

- digestive disorders

- headaches

For adults

Work, sports, accidents, and stress can all cause restrictions of mobility that adversely affect the body, causing for example a stiffness in your joints or the improper functioning of your digestive system. To prevent this, consulting an osteopath allows you to be healthier.

You can consult for :

- prevention

- body pains

- gastric disorders (constipation, reflux, repeated urinary tract infection ...)

- headaches

- aftermath of trauma

- fatigue, stress

- dizziness, accouphene


Note that the Osteopath can't cure medical diseases (organic) but can assist the patient to heal faster or provide ongoing support.

For children and teenagers

Fall, first step, first day at school, hormonal change, sport, stress, the body of a child and a teenager has its share of issues. Going to see an osteopath gives you solid growth.

You can consult for :

- growth monitoring : head wear, first step, back to school, hormonal peak, scoliosis, Scheuermann Osgood Schlatter ...

- body pains

- gastric disorders

- repeated ENT infection

- frequent falls

- intensive sport on unfinished growth


Note that scoliosis should be monitored especially during puberty.

For seniors

The body of a senior tends to lose elasticity and flexibility. The stiffness of joints, osteoarthritis can be slowed down and better supportted with Osteopathy.

You can consult for :

- prevention

- pain and stiffness / rheumatism

- digestive disorders, urinary

- headache, dizziness

- ongoing support for a disease

For athletes

The body of the athlete is made to fight against fatigue, push its limits and increase its performance. This explains why the athlete needs to see an Osteopath frequently. Joints and muscles are more likely to be exposed to severe stress and  experience a subsequent lack of mobility. The Osteopath - restoring mobility to the body - gives to the athlete a greater field of flexibility, a faster recovery and allows an increase in its performance.

You can consult for :

- prevention

- body pain outside or during sport

- aftermath of an injury (sprain, dislocation, fracture, muscle tear ...)

- reduced performance due to discomfort when practicing sport

For everyone

Note that there are certain circumstances at any ages, that may seem benign, but that we know your body needs a consultation in Osteopathy.

- car accident (whiplash, even minimal)

- scar (after surgery or a wound, the altered tissues pull on the joints and surrounding tissues limiting their mobility)

- fall (shock often leading directly a lack of mobility on the traumatized location)

- any disease that affects your health will affect your entire body

Charlène Collet, Ostéopathe D.O.F
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